Paw Prints

Paw Prints was created by accident when Harkness got into a mess of paint. Given his own canvaus he happily created his first piece of art and called it "So Glad Your Home" (left). This only sparked curiosity amoung dog lovers and art inthusist alike and word spread quickly.

Harkness' paintings were on display for the first time at a March First Friday 2013 at Riverfront Station, and currently on display and for sale at Trails Gallery. Normal prices range between $10-$35 depending on size and if its on canvaus or stock.

20% of all of Harkness' Artwork is donated to no-kill animal shelters so that they have a chance to find a great home.

We do our best to keep Harkness happy, healthy and looking dapper! He normally prefers to do them all at once, but custom orders are possible, but may take up to three weeks to recive after. Please "Like" Paw Prints on facebook to know when Harkness is about to do another set of paintings if you would like to minimize the wait time.

About Harkness
Harkness was adobted in September of 2012 when he was just 3 months old. Approx birthday of June 30, 2012. He was very curious as a pup, and still very much is. Since being adopted, he has been spoiled; car rides, long hikes in the woods, fun days at the local dog park and trips to pet stores just to name a few. Updates on what he's up to, about him orĀ  his paintings, are all on Paw Prints Facebook Page.

Questions, please feel free to use the "Contact Me" section, or call 816-719-6816.