You Pick The Subject!

Time for a fun project and this time I'm asking for your help! What would YOU like me to photograph? An animal, a building, a festival, its your choice!

Here is what you do...

  1. “Like” Dancing Man Studio on Facebook (if your not already a fan).

  2. Find the post about this project and post your subject as a comment (or you may email it to me, subject “Project for the Fans”)

    1. If your subject is a place or event, provide the info for such place/event.

  3. When you see your subject in one of the photos, if you like what I did, all I ask is to have you share it!

*Subject must be within/close to the greater KC Area, but anyone may participate in the project.


So, lets get creative together! Start posting, have fun with it. Be as abstract or simple as you want. Lets explore some of the city together through photography!