Katelyn Payne, Model Success!

Last night I heard some exciting news from Miss Katelyn Payne and her mom, Donita.

Katelyn just signed to model in Istanbul, Turkey!!

This is a grand opportunity for her and anyone in the modeling world to accomplish and I'm happy to have meet her and help to build her portfolio. To make this even sweeter, one of the images her and I created not only helped get her where she is, but also is part of her international portfolio.

I first meet and photographed Katelyn in October 2010 during a couple of local group shoots. From the first image I took of her I knew she would be destined to greatness, and we captured a lot of great images on both session. Beautiful inside and out, a blast to work with and a very supportive mom that would come to help out.

Katelyn, I wish you the best with all the opportunities you have coming your way. I'm very excited for you and look forward to hearing all the stories of your accomplishments!

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